How to Choose an Interim Assignment

Written By Liz Thornhill

Liz has worked in recruitment since 2001 and regularly writes articles addressing recruitment and staffing issues in relevant publications.

Making the Most of Interim Work

1)       What specific responsibilities and tasks will be priority for me during this interim period?

This will help you understand the scope of the role to prepare accordingly.

2)       What are the immediate challenges that I should focus on to ensure a smooth transition between the outgoing person and the incoming permanent appointment (if applicable)?

Demonstrates your proactive approach to addressing critical issues.

3)       Are there any ongoing projects, financial reporting requirements, or deadlines that I should be aware of or take ownership of?

Highlights your willingness to take responsibility for ongoing tasks.

4)       Can you give me some context on the specific financial issues or concerns that the business is currently facing, even if they may not be within my remit as an interim?

Shows your interest in understanding the broader business context.

5)       How can I best support the incoming person into the role when they have been recruited (if applicable)?

Demonstrates willingness to contribute to a seamless handover.

6)       From looking at my CV are there any specific areas where you believe I can add immediate value?

Highlights your desire to leverage your skills to benefit them.

7)       How can I best support the senior management team? E.g. How should I provide updates or reports on my progress and communicate what has been achieved?

Commitment to adapting to how they need support and shows focus and advanced communication skills.

8)       What tools, resources, support, personnel will be available to me to ensure I can effectively carry out my responsibilities during this interim period?

Shows a practical approach to getting the job done.

9)       Is there anything else you believe I should know or consider that we haven’t covered today?

Allows you to gather additional insights and decide if it’s right for you.

10)   Tell me about the workplace culture and how I can best fit in whilst here?

Helps you work smoothly with the people there and feel comfortable during your time.