Our Promise To You

Our Recruitment Promise

At Indigo, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and professionalism.
Our promise to you is not just a commitment; it’s the foundation of our partnership.
Here’s what you can expect:

1. Honest Guidance

We prioritise honesty above all else. If we cannot assist you or believe a position is not the right fit, we will communicate this transparently. Our commitment is to provide genuine, valuable advice tailored to your needs.

2. Quality Over Quantity

We will never inundate you with unsuitable CVs. Our meticulous screening process ensures that each candidate we present aligns with your specific requirements, saving you time and ensuring the right match.

3. Your Best Interests Always

Your success is our priority. We promise to always act in your best interests, offering personalised solutions that align with your goals and contribute to the growth of your team.

4. Respect for Your Decisions

We respect and support your decisions throughout the recruitment process. Your preferences and priorities guide our actions, ensuring a collaborative and mutually beneficial partnership.

5. Prompt Response

Your time is valuable, and we understand the importance of prompt communication. Expect timely responses to your queries, ensuring a smooth and efficient recruitment experience.

6. Uncompromising Morals

We stand firm in our commitment to ethical practices. If any request compromises our moral principles, we will respectfully decline the work. Integrity is non-negotiable, and we strive to maintain the highest ethical standards in all our interactions.